Gerald Mills

Victim to the finite poetry of an imaginative life.

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... and coffee

If we are willing to seek it out, every photograph has its own ambivalent story awaiting discovery. 

We all need someone that understands our playful natures, enduring with us where no one else will.

Puzzles come in many forms, find them, unravel the mystery.

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We draw lines everywhere. Is it simply human nature that we limit ourselves.

Between the breath of the two panels this will be an occasion of random images, alongside a phrase or thought to satiate the occasional visitor.  Enjoy.

Because I sell my work does not mean I do not cherish its value, its the opposite, it is an intrinsic part of me. It is simply that for art, it must be appreciated.  And I yearn to endow a small part of the world with that which I have been allowed to create, capture or simply be made witness to.

Light and dark are two parts of the same whole, the quandary is seeing the ending of one to  unseeing the beginning of the other.

" All "art" is not perfect nor at times beautiful, nor is it meant to be, because "art" is not made simply for one individual, but for a variety of minds and hearts.

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why do we perform, or create art in this world?

Even in the murkiest waters we still find something beautiful.

At times we may feel lost in the vast recess of the world, remember to hold to the hand that walks with you. They may be lost as well.